Wednesday, July 27, 2011

My First SSSCigar Box Swap

Here is a project that I done for a swap and this was my first one it was called "The SSSCigar Box Swap" hosted by a fellow youtube sister and I wanted to do this but was kind of relunted to do it because I didn't think I could, you have so many talent people on Youtube well anyho I did it and I really had to put my creative mind to work and it came out very beautiful and I really had fun doing this, here is a video of it.

Coming Back

Well it has been a while since I have been in my blog so today I just thought I spend sometime here, I have been doing allot of crafts and just being a mom still trying to find work, which is very hard and depressing since there are know jobs out  here so basically I have kept my busy, I have two new grand babies who I have since spoiled and loving it. it has been very hot here in the Washington DC area as well so hot you can hardly breathe. well this is all for now will be coming back on a regular to update my page.

Friday, January 28, 2011

Beauty Wall Hanging Update

Well things are going good as planned I have some YouTube friends who have completed there pages and I just can't wait to see all of them it really wasn't due until March 1st but that is ok, I just can't wait to see the finish products. My whole thing for this swap was to make someone fill special and to know that what ever is going on with them in there life to always remember that they are Beautiful no matter what. I'm the type of person who loves to make friends and to be there for someone so I wanted to make friends and let others know that they have friends, sisters etc to be there for them through this wall hanging.

If you  are a part of the Swap and you have finish them please send them with  enough postage (SASE or Postal Flat rate) box

Please leave a comment if you have any questions or you can go to my Youtube "angieb43".
And again thank you to all of the lovely ladies that participated in my swap

Monday, January 17, 2011


Well my swap has started out on a great start I'm so excited that I can't wait to get started, We are about to have some fun and meet new YouTube sisters, I have gain some beautiful friends and love them like my sisters, this swap is to remind each of us on our "BEAUTY" I want my wall hang swap to be one of friendship and being a sisterhood to someone that might need it and when she looks @ her wall hanging it will remind her that she is a beautiful person.

So here are the groups:


Angela - YT-( Angieb43)
Juiles - YT-(Jannaviles)
Rebecca-YT-(DC Scrapping Diva)
Rose - YT- (RoseS915)
Nikki- YT-(4nikkimay)
Southern Cricut -YT
Christina B - YT-(Cabettstubeuser)


Nichole Koch-YT-( Minialbumscrapper)
Donna - YT-(Dkrisko4)
Cricutnewbie- YT


48Scrappin -YT
Kim- YT- (KISW1980)
Laura- YT (Scotia9338)


Please don't forget about the postage please include enough postage for me to mail out your wall hanging, also remember to make 6 or 7 according to how many that are in  your group and keep one for yourself. When you have finished your project upload a video if you can to show what you have done, please pack your wall hangings carefully so they will not be damage. If there are any questions please email me

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Wall Hanging Swap

I have decided to do a wall hanging swap this a first and decided to do this because I was in one and  I founded it to be fun, I got to meet other crafters and make friends I did it to see if  I could further my creative so I decided to start this swap.

Objective: To make a beautiful  6x6 wall hanging that reflects beauty

Theme : Beauty-something that reflect or what it means to you

Quantity: Depending on how many sign up will determine how many groups or how many to make.

Requirements: Has to be 6x6 heavy or medium weight chipboard using Graphic 45 paper it can new or old, it also has to have a photo mat or frame for the recipient to place a photo, also some type of word (single) defining beauty you can use an adage ticket or your own. On the back include a tag w/ your information,
Do not punch leave enough room from top and bottom for the recipient to punch holes.

Challenge: Dimension and embellishments ( Bling, Flowers, Distressing etc) whatever works for you but it must reflect Beauty.
Shipping: Please read carefully!! Please package your project carefully were it won't be damage send a SASE with enough postage to send back to you.

The Swap will start February 15 you have 5 days to enter into swap ck to see what group you will be in the deadline will March 1st. If you have any questions contact me or Angieb43 on YouTube and message me there or leave a comment below.

So ladies let's have some fun meet friends and show are BEAUTY!!!!

Here are my first sign- ups

Angela- (YT Angieb43)
Juiles-( YT: Jannaviles)

Rebbecca- (YT- DCScrapping Diva)
Donna- (YT) dkrisko4
Nikki - (YT) 4nikkimay)
cricutnewbie -(YT)
Nicole-(YT Minialbumscrapper)
Felisa-(YT Fasloan)
Leonie Castro- (YT Scrapaliciousleo)
Louise (YT-Mamajt4)
Kim W-(YT-KISW1980)
Christina B- (YT-Cabettstubeuser)
Rose-(YT- RoseS915)
I'm so excited!!!

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Staying Focus

Today is a good day I have been doing alot of scrapbooking projects have been doing a challenge on YouTube and that is to get projects done that I have been putting off and not buying anything for the month of January which is hard but what the hay, I'm learning to use up what I have before buying something else, I had a couple of paper stacks that I have not use in a while and since then they have something new out so I wanted to use the paper stacks that I have first. I have to say that I'm doing very well with this challenge it is letting me show how I can do certain things when it comes to crafts, I have experience some things that is really helping me in the crafting world I have learned alot and I have to give credit to YouTube because there is a lot of artistic people out there that you can learned from crafts that I didn't think that I could do and now I want to learn so yeah! I'm staying FOCUS.